Day Programs: Arts & Recreation

Full Life offers dynamic day programs for adults with developmental disabilities every Monday through Friday from 8:00am-1:00pm and from 12:00pm to 5:00pm. Our day programs feature a wide variety of activities that promote independence, encourage self-esteem, and help our participants achieve their dreams and goals. Full Life Direct Support Professionals focus a tremendous amount of time, training, and resources toward engaging clients in meaningful, skills-building, person-centered group activities.

I want to tell you how wonderful it was to see Ben blending in and participating with the other “clients.” I found him at a table playing Connect Four (I think that’s the name). He wanted to show me the dance party and we went in and he started dancing – I’ve never seen him dance with such enthusiasm before. Just want you and the staff to know how happy I am to see Ben is such an active, happy supportive program. Thank you so much for all you do!

-Nancy Fuhrman

Arts Department

Full Life’s Art Department offers participants the opportunity to create original artworks in our main space or in the community at 100th Monkey Art Studio and the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Projects range from drawing and painting to creating one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry or large mixed-media papier-mâché sculptures. We showcase clients’ artwork around our building and also participate in art exhibits at local galleries.

At Full Life we believe in the power of music. We offer a variety of music-based group activities, such as karaoke, dance parties, drum circles, and improvised noise jams. There is no limit to the possibilities! Several of our clients have had the opportunity to produce their own CDs in collaboration with peers and staff. We also produce a weekly radio show called The Full Life Radical Radio Show, which is broadcast live on Freeform Portland and 90/3fm every Wednesday from 2-4pm.



In-house activities at Full Life help promote team building, problem solving, and wellness with a healthy dose of fun! Programming includes a variety of games, exercise, and social clubs. Folks can choose to join daily poker, bingo or foosball games around the lunch hour and can also sign up for independent games as one of their activities for the day. We also have daily offerings of yoga, morning stretch, and aerobics. Clubs range from science, music and literature appreciation to safety and healthy choices.


Community Outings

Community integration is a huge component of Full Life and we pride ourselves on our extensive community integration programming. Full Life participants are given the opportunity to access many of Portland’s fun and unique offerings each day that they attend. Our favorite destinations include local libraries, the airport, the sky tram, museums, galleries, gardens, and the countless attractions found throughout Portland’s unique historical neighborhoods. Extended outings are available through our Community Inclusion Program.


Volunteer Opportunities

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities in the community on a weekly basis. Volunteering in the community allows folks to build employable skills and self-confidence as they prepare to join the workforce. It also allows participants to give back to the community and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Our volunteer outings include bussing tables at Sisters of the Road Cafe, sorting donated art and craft supplies at SCRAP, and gathering groceries at Fred Meyer with Store to Door. All of our volunteer opportunities are supervised by a Full Life Direct Support Professional.


Community Inclusion Program

Full Life offers a program for adults with developmental disabilities Monday through Friday from 12-5pm, home based in SE Portland. Our team of dedicated Direct Support Professionals provide supports for individuals with disabilities in small groups as they enjoy recreational activities and develop the necessary skills to become more independent and integrated in the community. Our new program was designed in collaboration with a group of individuals with disabilities who currently attend Full Life’s day program. Our clients asked us to facilitate more inclusion into our programming, so we invited them to help us design a brand new program to directly meet their needs. It is our hope that by taking an active, positive, and person-centered approach to community integration, our friends will enjoy more opportunities to further develop their social and employment-related skills in the real world. This program meets at KingPins Portland and features longer outings including full length movies at the theater, OMSI, Oregon Zoo, and more!

NEW  Washington County Community Inclusion Program

Starting in January of 2020, Full Life will serve our west side clients with a community inclusion program home based in Beaverton, Oregon. This exciting new program will offer bowling, martial arts, movies, ceramics and so much more. If you are interested in enrolling in this program or have questions please contact We are actively recruiting folks for this program now.