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Employee Testimonials

What Are Our Employees Saying?

At Full Life, we believe that every person deserves the opportunity to work and contribute to their community.

 We are proud to help adults with developmental disabilities find jobs that match their skills, interests and goals. We also provide ongoing support and training to help them succeed and grow in their careers.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from some of our amazing employees who have shared their stories of how working has changed their lives for the better

Tracey: Community Engagement for a Full and Meaningful Life

Tracey is a young adult and a full-time student at a state college in Massachusetts, studying criminal justice and sociology. She also is pursuing her passion as a motivational speaker. Tracey uses a variety of supports that help her study, participate in her community, and plan for life after graduation. Tracey chooses her own supports, which currently include a personal care attendant hired by her family and support from her mom and siblings.

Tracey has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and a mild intellectual disability. She says that working has helped her develop confidence, independence and social skills. She has worked as a cashier at a grocery store, a receptionist at a hair salon, and a peer mentor at her college. She enjoys helping others and making new friends.

Tracey’s dream is to become a lawyer and advocate for people with disabilities. She says that working has given her a sense of purpose and direction. She encourages other people with disabilities to pursue their dreams and not let anything stop them.

“Working has taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to. I have learned so much from my jobs and from the people I work with. Working has made me happy and fulfilled.”

Frank: Leveraging Natural Supports in the Workplace

Frank Hellmer is a 31-year-old man who lives alone in Little Rock, Arkansas. He enjoys playing video games in his spare time. Frank currently works as a data analyst for Centene Corporation where he has accessed a range of natural supports that have enabled his ongoing success.

Frank has Down syndrome and ADHD. He says that working has helped him improve his focus, organization and problem-solving skills. He has worked as a data entry clerk, a mailroom assistant, and a customer service representative. He likes working with numbers and computers.

Frank’s employer has been supportive of his needs and abilities. He has received accommodations such as flexible hours, extra breaks, and assistive technology. He has also benefited from the guidance and friendship of his co-workers, who have helped him learn new tasks, cope with stress, and have fun at work.

Frank’s goal is to advance in his career and earn more money. He says that working has given him a sense of pride and independence. He advises other people with disabilities to find jobs that they enjoy and that challenge them.

“Working has shown me that I have talents and potential. I have gained so much from my jobs and from the people I work with. Working has made me strong and confident.”

Oscar: How Focused, Individualized Exploration Led to a Good Job Match at Shake Shack

Oscar Segal is 27 years old and lives in his own apartment in the Bronx, New York. He grew up with the expectation from his parents that he would work and support himself to the greatest extent possible. For the last seven years, he has worked for the Shake Shack restaurant chain.
Oscar has ASD and an anxiety disorder. He says that working has helped him cope with his emotions, communicate better, and be more flexible. He has worked as a cashier, a cook, and a trainer. He loves serving customers and making delicious food.
Oscar’s job was the result of a focused, individualized exploration process that involved his family, his school, his vocational rehabilitation counselor, and his job coach. They helped him identify his strengths, preferences, and needs, as well as potential employers that matched his profile. They also helped him prepare for interviews, negotiate accommodations, and transition to work.
Oscar’s goal is to become a manager at Shake Shack or open his own restaurant someday. He says that working has given him a sense of accomplishment and belonging. He recommends other people with disabilities to explore different options and find jobs that suit them.
“Working has taught me that I can overcome any challenge. I have learned so much from my jobs and from the people I work with. Working has made me happy and grateful.”