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NPRdid a piece on the Raise the Wage Actbill that passed this summer This legislature ensures that the minimum wage will increase over the next several years with rising costs of living In addition it ensures that adults with disabilities will be protected from receiving sub-minimum wages Full Lifeis the top employment placer in the state for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities Therefore many of our clients are thrilled with the news Furthermore, we are thrilled with disabled adults earning a fair wage They are an important segment of the workforce For instance, they do the same job tasks as individuals without disabilities and many do this work independently

Mitchell Hartman interviewedFull Life’s founder and CEO Rachel Bloom and Happy Cupemployee Mike Sacomano on NPR’s Marketplaceto discuss the Raise the Wage Act which would affect people with disabilities throughout Oregon Click this link to listen to the interview: Reform would guarantee minimum wage to all workers with disabilities

Mike is a valued member of the Happy Cup team In addition, he is also an awesome and prolific artist Check out his art blog, Latch Hook Visionary, to see some of his work

Please contact Rachel Bloom, rachelbloom@fulllifecom, for more information about Full Life’s job development and job placement services We are always looking for hard working individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to add to our employment team

Many thanks to Mitchell Hartman and NPR! And thank you for reading! Full Life appreciates your continued support

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