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    • What are workplace accommodations?

      Workplace accommodations are changes to the job or work environment that allow an individual with a disability to perform their job duties and enjoy equal employment opportunities1. Examples of accommodations may include:

      • Specialized equipment
      • Modifications to the work schedule or responsibilities
      • Exceptions to certain rules
      • Visual, language or communication supports
      • Environmental or structural supports
      • Mentors or job coaches

      Why are workplace accommodations important?

      Workplace accommodations are important for several reasons:

      • They are required by law under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which protects applicants and employees with disabilities from discrimination12.
      • They benefit not only employees with disabilities, but also employers and co-workers, by improving productivity, retention, diversity and morale32.
      • They are often cheap and easy to implement, and can have a huge impact on employee performance and satisfaction32.
      • They demonstrate a commitment to inclusion and accessibility, which can enhance the reputation and image of the organization2.

      How to request and provide workplace accommodations?

      The process of requesting and providing workplace accommodations may vary depending on the employer, the employee and the situation. However, some general steps are:

      • The employee or applicant with a disability should identify their need for an accommodation and communicate it to the employer12.
      • The employer and the employee should engage in an interactive dialogue to determine what type of accommodation is reasonable and effective12.
      • The employer should provide the accommodation unless it causes undue hardship, which means significant difficulty or expense12.
      • The employer and the employee should monitor the effectiveness of the accommodation and make adjustments if needed12.

      Where to find more information and resources?

      Full Life is a company that helps adults with developmental disabilities find jobs that match their skills, passions, and goals. They offer job placement, coaching, and a list of open positions in various fields and industries. Whether you want to work in retail, hospitality, health care, or any other sector, Full Life can help you get there


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