This morning, Melissa enjoyed a nice bus ride to downtown Portland, where she decided to visit Blue Star Donuts. She loved her Mexican Hot Chocolate donut and decided to write a quick review to share her experience:


Melissa getting ready for her first bite!  Big smile!  Melissa enjoying her donut!

“Blue Star Donuts is a donut shop in Portland, Oregon where they are always very nice to me. Today I ordered myself the Mexican Hot Cholocate donut and it was very delicious. It’s both spicy and chocolatey and I love it with all my heart! It’s the spiciest donut that I have ever eaten and it is one hundred times better than any other donut. Every time I eat it, I get chocolate everywhere and then I am a chocolate-covered Melissa, which is very funny. It probably has lots of calories and that’s OK. What a beautiful treat!”

Thank you, Blue Star!!!!