People with Potential

For Employers

As both a support and Oregon employment resource, Full Life offers you a large talent pool of qualified job candidates representing a diverse skill set. All of our candidates are motivated, dependable, and hard-working. Each candidate is carefully matched to your specific position(s).

In addition, partnering with Full Life increases your company’s savings and supports your bottom line; our flexible, part-time potential employees receive on-going coaching from Full Life, and you receive tax credits and free on-the-job training.

If you are a business looking to build an inclusive environment for people with disabilities, please email Rachel Bloom at or call her at (503) 238-4604. Leave your phone number and we’ll  call you back with information about our personalized job development services.

For Potential Employees

We recommend that individuals who are interested in joining the workforce start with the Discovery process, which is a state-funded vocational coaching and employment-assistance program that helps individuals explore and discover their unique interests and talents. Our Discovery team works with you to determine training, funding and next steps. Many of our discovery graduates go on to vocational rehabilitation, small group employment and/or individual placement.

If you are a person with a disability seeking job coaching or training, vocational rehabilitation, or employment assistance, please email Rachel Bloom at or call her at (503) 238-4604. Leave your phone number and we’ll  call you back with information about our personalized job development services.


Finding the perfect job can be challenging for anyone, and especially so for people who may not have the resources to navigate their job search independently or know how to find a job.

We like to start by finding out what a person is passionate about and go from there.  Discovery is a government-funded program for individuals with developmental disabilities. Through the course of this process, we find out “who a person is” in service to informing their career development. Our certified Discovery team meets regularly, and for three months, with individual participants. We meet at participant’s homes, communities and in different work environments. Through interviews, job shadowing and hands-on experience, we begin to uncover individuals’ strengths and identify what support is needed for them to succeed and thrive at work.

When you start, you can expect that we’ll tailor the Discovery process to meet your individual needs, exploring job scenarios based on your interests. In the end, we build a Discovery profile that showcases your emerging talents and themes in order to steer you toward the perfect job scenario.


“I loved Discovery! It was super fun hanging out with my Discovery Specialist. I loved going to the plant nursery because it made me realize that I love being outdoors, and that I would like to work at a nursery one day. I learned a lot about every place we visited and everything we did together. I had an awesome time in Discovery!”

-Colt Allen


I wanted to write to tell you again how much we appreciated your efforts in taking us and Matthew through the discovery process.  From our first meeting where you took avid notes on Matthew’s passing skill levels across environments and focusing in on his interests, hobbies, talents and deficits, we saw how you narrowed your focus on areas where Matthew would have the greatest chance of success.  We greatly appreciated you asking us about specific places to investigate where his skills would match the job/location/business. It was informative and fun as well as having or ideal outcome met for Matthew.

Thank you for all your hard work on our son’s behalf.

Jim and Tabitha Orth

Vocational Rehabilitation

Full Life partners with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)—an Oregon Department of Human Services resource for people with disabilities—to assist individuals in identifying and retaining jobs that match their skills, interests and abilities. VR services are individualized, to ensure that each eligible person receives services that are tailored their specific employment goals.​


Full Life is contracted with the State of Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services. As part of this contract we perform Community-Based Assessments on job candidates. These assessments are an opportunity for Full Life to watch a potential employee at work in the community and to observe his or her job skills, strengths, weaknesses. A report is then provided to Vocational Rehabilitation so that a career “road map” can be established.

Assessments ensure potential employees are developing in ways that best serve your company as well as their own evolving capacities. They’ll start accompanied by an on-site job coach for 20 hours, at no cost. Your business is not in any way obligated to hire the individual, but after meeting them and seeing what they are capable of, we think you’ll want to!

Small Group Employment

Our small group employment program provides job training and full-time on site job coaching for people with disabilities. Job coaches ensure that our clients are fully supported in their work environment. This program helps individuals build their skill sets and acclimate to work environments alongside their peers at a comfortable pace. Our goal here is, through community integration and inclusion, to support individuals in a small group setting until they have developed the necessary skills to work independently.

Individual Placement

Individual placement works best for clients who need only minimal support. For example, individuals who’ve worked in a small group environments and who no longer need coaching supervision. The transition is gradual with onsite visits from job coaches over a scheduled period of time. We also carve out jobs in the community for individuals. We have successfully placed individuals in many different vocations and fields including retail, janitorial, food service, assembly and more.